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About Us

Behaviour Innovation is a start-up company based in Brisbane, Australia that designs, implements and evaluates evidence-based behaviour change programs.

The BI team is comprised of psychological and behavioural scientists specialising in the design of scientifically-informed strategies that when implemented, change behaviour across whole populations of people.

BI started life in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia and now has a core team of 10 people working on creating meaningful behaviour change across whole populations. We’ve expanded our work into Queensland’s Wet Tropics and are continuing to roll out projects throughout the state of Queensland.


Our Story

Our work draws connections between the Great Barrier Reef, motor vehicle accidents and sustainable farming practices. If you’re confused, read on to see how these connections came to be.

It’s 2016 and the recent Great Barrier Reef report card has just been released. Unfortunately, it doesn’t paint a nice picture, particularly for Queensland’s sugarcane industry. Despite substantial legislative and economic efforts to change farming practices, the ‘behaviour change,’ or fertiliser application practices of farmers was not considered fast enough to significantly reduce the stress being placed on the reef. For this reason, behavioural science was recommended as one of the key strategies for protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Shortly thereafter, the Queensland Government announced Project Cane Changer, one of Australia’s largest environmental behaviour change programs. This project coincided with the founding of BI, and our team was quickly tasked with designing, delivering and evaluating a behavioural change program to increase the adoption of sustainable farming practices in Queensland’s Wet Tropics. This project is ongoing, but we’ve seen some extremely promising results so far as well the formation of other spin-off projects. You can find out more here.

While many know about the health of the Great Barrier Reef, it might be surprising to discover that rear-end collisions are a significant problem on Queensland roads; they are the leading type of accident on Queensland’s roads and cost taxpayers approximately $1.7 billion over a 10-year period. Despite this, little had been done to reduce their occurrence; partly because of their low risk of serious damage, and partly because traditional advertising and media campaigns relying on ‘scare tactics’ would be ineffective.

In late 2017, our team was approached by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) and was asked to deliver a strategy to reduce the prevalence of rear-end collisions across the state of Queensland. We started by conducting a large analysis of the issue and are currently in the process of implementing the campaign using strategies informed by behavioural science and our initial analysis.


These are just 2 of our largest projects. If you’re interested in anything else we have going on, you can find out more by going here.

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What We Do




Analysis of the behaviour/s within the system to understand factors leading to their occurrence. This may involve literature reviews, surveys to gather qualitative and quantitative data, or focus groups.



Design and delivery of our behaviour change programs. This often involves small-scale trials and iterations before scaling up our strategies to target entire populations. 



Training and upskilling workforces to function more effectively by enhancing their communication skills and understanding of their own psychology.


Behavioural Insights to enhance products, projects and other design activities. We are proud to take an evidence-based approach to our projects, with all strategies informed by behavioural science.

Our approach allows us to readily change the behaviours involved in both simple and complex problems. Complex problems are those which occur as part of an entire system and cannot be isolated and targeted by conventional methods such as nudging. To find out more about our work solving complex problems, you can click here for a snapshot of Project Cane Changer, our largest project.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about the team and what we do, feel free to get in touch below.

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Change of target behaviours through the delivery of our behaviour change programs. For our largest project, we have seen more than a 330% increase in the target behaviours.