Increasing the uptake of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers


Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEF’s) are advanced fertilisers that can lead to more productive and sustainable farming practices by increasing the nutrient uptake and decreasing the nutrient loss of a particular crop. This in turn, means that growers can receive a greater yield, while applying less fertiliser and nutrients.

In general, while most growers don’t doubt that EEF’s are useful, many are sceptical of using them because of their higher price tag and the lack of information relating to their economic advantages. The EEF60 Project was therefore developed by CANEGROWERS and Sugar Research Australia (SRA) to better understand the effectiveness of EEF’s in well-controlled conditions. To do this, 60 sugarcane growers are currently undergoing trials using EEF’s throughout Queensland’s cane growing districts, which can be compared to the productivity and efficiency of other fertilisers.

SRA saw that even if trials showed positive results, this alone wouldn’t be enough for the majority of growers to adopt EEF’s – there was also a need to understand grower’s beliefs and attitudes towards EEF’s. BI was therefore engaged to develop tools to gain a deeper understanding of grower psychology related to EEF’s, particularly around the barriers to adoption.

Our team is currently in the process of conducting surveys and focus groups with growers before and after EEF trials in order to identify these psychological constructs, and also whether their beliefs and attitudes change following the results of these trials. Phase 2 of the project will be commencing in 2020.