In December 2017 - a time of great change and opportunity for the company, Behaviour Innovation’s Board of Directors was founded.

Six directors comprised the founding board of Behaviour Innovation. Each member was carefully selected,for their career success as pioneers and trailblazers of their field, and as individuals of remarkable character their own right. Together, the board was formidable when brought together for a single purpose - to help build a company.

The decision to establish a Board of Directors with the vision to grow a start-up to a global company, believing in the work that BI could do, was established by Dr Laurie Hammond.

Laurie immediately set to work. Laurie went above and beyond to establish the company's vision, to strengthen the company's foundations, pushing the team to put thought into how to improve the company.

Laurie's aim was to build a company that would be able to compete on the global stage, to expand without concern, how to go through growth, how to handle change, and how to build a resilient structure. Above all, Laurie never hesitated in trusting a young team's ability to carry out excellent work.

Since December 2017 BI has gone from strength to strength, through tremendous success, unimaginable growth, and pioneering new territory. Through all this, the strength of the company's foundations continue to remain unshaken.

Dr Laurie Hammond passed away in November 2018 after a short battle with cancer.

The organism that is BI

Every one of our wins are attributable to the genius of Dr Hammond, his strategy and planning without fault. Among all other things, Dr Hammond provided a

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Laurie is a founder and director of iQ Capital Management Pty Ltd, which has the inQbator and iQfunds brands at Varsity Lakes on the central Gold Coast. He also consults to technology companies and public sector clients on commercialisation and management of intellectual property through his advisory business, the KNODE Partnership. Laurie’s background includes almost 20 years as a research director and scientist (biology and environmental science), and 10 years as chief executive in a number of organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Laurie is a member of a number of national and state funding and advisory bodies on industry development and innovation, including:

  • Current Chair, “Commercialisation Australia”
  • The “Innovation Australia Board”
  • Current Chair, Collaborative Research Centre for Mining – CRC Mining
  • The national R&D Tax Concession Committee (Chairman since 2000)
  • The Commonwealth government’s Industry Research & Development (IR&D) Board
  • The Commonwealth government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Committee
  • The Queensland government’s Food and Fibre Science and Innovation Council.
  • The Gold Coast Regional Development Advisory Committee. He has participated in several New Zealand and Australian Ministerial Missions to South-East Asia and North Asia, and been a member of a number of national reviews sponsored by both industry and government.

    Laurie has lived and worked in Jamaica, New Caledonia and New Zealand, as well as several Australian states, and undertaken business in North and South Asia, the Pacific region, the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.

    His qualifications include an MBA from the University of Melbourne (1990); a PhD from the University of the West Indies (1979); and BSc Hons 1st Class from James Cook University (1973).