Our Work



The Cane Changer Project is an evidence-based program that aims to understand cane farmers and to recognise, value and accelerate their efforts to adopt farming practices that help protect the Reef. Cane Changer is an initiative of the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, and the Queensland CANEGROWERS Organisation.


Rear-end crashes at low speeds account for roughly one third of all motor accidents on Queensland Roads, and represent a significant cost to taxpayers. In 2017, BI was contacted by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission to design and implement a program designed to reduce the incidence of such accidents on all Queensland roads.


Alongside Project Cane Changer, BI implements training programs across the Wet Tropics of the Queensland sugar cane industry to increase the adoption of sustainable farming practices. These workshops draw upon behavioural science theories and research to create an evidence-based toolkit of strategies to improve people’s understanding of their own behaviour and the behaviour of others.