Laurie is a founder and director of iQ Capital Management Pty Ltd, which has the inQbator and iQfunds brands at Varsity Lakes on the central Gold Coast. He also consults to technology companies and public sector clients on commercialisation and management of intellectual property through his advisory business, the KNODE Partnership, Laurie’s background includes almost 20 years as a research director and scientist (biology and environmental science), and 10 years as chief executive in a number of organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Laurie is a member of a number of national and state funding and advisory bodies on industry development and innovation, including:

  • Current Chair, “Commercialisation Australia”
  • the “Innovation Australia Board”
  • Current Chair, Collaborative Research Centre for Mining – CRC Mining
  • the national R&D Tax Concession Committee (Chairman since 2000)
  • the Commonwealth government’s Industry Research & Development (IR&D) Board
  • the Commonwealth government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Committee
  • the Queensland government’s Food and Fibre Science and Innovation Council
  • the Gold Coast Regional Development Advisory Committee.

He has participated in several New Zealand and Australian Ministerial Missions to South-East Asia and North Asia, and been a member of a number of national reviews sponsored by both industry and government.

Laurie has lived and worked in Jamaica, New Caledonia and New Zealand, as well as several Australian states, and undertaken business in North and South Asia, the Pacific region, the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.

His qualifications include an MBA from the University of Melbourne (1990); a PhD from the University of the West Indies (1979); and BSc Hons 1st Class from James Cook University (1973).



CEO & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | Ph.D. (Psychology), BPsySc (Hons)

DR John Pickering is a behavioural scientist and the founding Chief Executive Officer of Behaviour Innovation Pty Ltd.

Dr Pickering specialises in the design, delivery and evaluation of behaviour change programs. He is the Project Director of Project Cane Changer.

Prior to founding Behaviour Innovation, Dr Pickering was based at The University of Queensland (UQ) where he led the establishment of the Triple P Innovation Precinct. Dr Pickering was appointed to The University of Queensland Senate (2014-2015), and was also appointed to the inaugural UQ Entrepreneurial Education Working Group.

Dr Pickering’s work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and also he has appeared in local, national and international media platforms including The Washington Post, the Today show, The Project, SBS Insight and regular radio spots on ABC702 Sydney.



Pickering, J.A., Hong, J. & Kealley, M (2017). Using behavioural science to bring about practice change adoption in the Queensland sugar cane industry. Manuscript in preparation.

Pickering, J. A. & Sanders, M. R. (2016). Reducing child maltreatment by making parenting programs available to all parents: A case example using the triple p-positive parenting program. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, 17(4), 398-407.

Pickering, J. A., & Sanders, M. R. (2015). Integrating parents’ views on sibling relationships to tailor an evid ence-based parenting intervention for sibling conflict. Family Process. Online first. doi: 10.1111/famp.12173.

Pickering, J. A., & Sanders, M. S. (2015). The triple p-positive parenting program: An example of a public health approach to evidence-based parenting support. Family Matters, 96, p.53-63.

Pickering, J. A., & Sanders, M. S. (2015). The protocol for a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of a brief intervention for parents of children experiencing sibling conflict. Clinical Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1111/cp.12051




Fiona is an experienced executive and non-executive Director on public company, private and not for profit boards with a successful track record of adapting change management principles to deliver sustained outcomes in large scale, multidisciplinary and geographically diverse internal and external stakeholder groups. Building on tertiary qualifications in natural resources and business over 30 years, her experiences developed from field work to the executive committee in the resources industry.

Fiona is the Executive Director of F.N. Sustainability, and through it, seeks to provide sustainability support to businesses, implementing practical solutions that are innovative, effective and scalable.

Fiona works closely with senior staff to provide advice on Behaviour Innovation’s business direction and strategic management, as well as optimising processes at the project management level.





Rhyll is an accomplished professional director with a background in finance, banking and investment. Rhyll’s expertise at the board table encompasses finance, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, governance, risk management, people and culture across a diverse range of organisations.

Rhyll’s current portfolio includes directorships of Foresters Group, Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) Ltd, The Blue Space Ltd and Expressions Dance Company. She is a past director of Qld Symphony Orchestra, St. Margaret's School and the YWCA.

Rhyll holds qualificatons of Bachelor of Commerce (Uof Q), Bachelor of Economics (UofQ), Masters of Applied Finance (Macq University) and an Executive Master of Business Administration from INSEAD. She is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.




I am Professor of Innovation Studies at the University of Queensland Business School, and Visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School. The focus of my work over the past 30 years has been studying corporate strategies and government policies for technology and innovation. I have been an advisor and consultant to numerous private-sector companies, and to UK, US, Australian and Asian government departments and agencies. I have researched and lectured widely throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Latin America and have been an invited participant at international conferences in over 60 countries. I have travelled extensively throughout most regions of Africa.

I have been a Director of the Think Play Do Group, a London-based innovation consulting, training and software company, Non-Executive Director of Nestle Australia Ltd. and member of the Advisory Board of Thiess Pty Ltd, and of ecoLegacy.

Previously I have worked as a Research Fellow at the Technical Change Centre, London (1983-85). I was Senior Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex (1985-93), and was Professor of Management at the Australian National University (1993-2002). I was co-Founder of the National Graduate School of Management at the ANU and was its Executive Director from 1995-97 and 1999-2001.

Prior to my academic career, I was a Marketing Manager for a major hotel chain, a lorry driver and drayman in London for 2 years, and have worked on the shop floor for a variety of manufacturing companies producing goods as diverse as animal feeds to sound equipment for rock bands.

My PhD on innovation in small firms is from Imperial College London, and I have an MA in Industrial Relations from Warwick University and a BSc in Society and Technology from Middlesex Polytechnic. I am a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

I have published over 100 articles, chapters and reports, and written or edited 16 books, on innovation. Recent books include: The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management (ed. with David Gann and Nelson Phillips), and Innovation Management: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management, four volumes. (ed.). I wrote a short companion book to these four volumes, entitled Innovation Management: A Research Overview. I have just completed a book on work in an age of constant change and disruption (with David Gann), entitled: The Playful Entrepreneur: How to adapt and thrive in an uncertain world which will shortly be published by Yale University Press. I have been awarded the Eureka Prize, Australia's most prestigious science award, for Leadership in Business Innovation.

I teach courses for executives and MBAs on "Innovation Leadership".

As an author, I am represented by the Hanbury Agency:

I have three adult children, Jack, Kate and Rosie, of whom I am inordinately proud.




Geoff has recently completed six years as Queensland Chief Scientist. He previously led, as Chief Executive, two of the world's major national science agencies, the CSIRO in Australia (2001 to 2008) and CSIR in South Africa (1995 to 2000).

In his Chief Scientist role he was accountable for science policy, and providing strategic guidance across a range of Qld government departments.

Over that time he was also involved with or led a number of reviews and enquiries cover-ing, inter alia, the science of floods, uranium mining, bat derived horse viruses, under-ground coal gasification, health and biomedical research and, most recently, water quality improvement in the Great Barrier Reef.

He lectures in leadership and change management and provides coaching support in these areas to academics and to senior officers of the Australian Public Service. He is al-so presently Deputy Chair of the National Youth Science Forum and a non-Executive Di-rector of Behaviour Innovation Pty Ltd.

He was named South Africa’s ‘Boss of the Year’ in 1998, and also ‘Engineer of the Year’ by the South African Society of Professional Engineers.

A Cambridge graduate (in metallurgy) he was also a University Boxing Blue. He was an academic for 13 years.

Geoff is a recipient of the Centenary Medal for service to Australian society through sci-ence, and was named by the Australian Financial Review as one of Australia’s 2008 ‘True Leaders’.

Geoff is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, the Royal Society of South Africa and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and served on the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council in Australia for eight years. In June 2008 he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

He is the co-author with Sir Graeme Davies, formerly Vice-Chancellor of the universities of Liverpool, Glasgow and London, of the highly regarded “Herding Cats - Being advice to aspiring academic and research leaders” (Triarchy Press, UK), and its recently published sequel for leaders in the professions, “Herding Professional Cats”.

Geoff is married to Janet, and they have four sons, Ben, Matt, David and Luke. His inter-ests include fishing, rowing and tennis and his four (so far!) grandchildren, Liam, Aran, Evie and Frankie.



Chief Operating Officer | BPsySc

Jinny is the Chief Operating Officer of Behaviour Innovation and works closely with the CEO, members of the Board and other senior executives to inform decisions at the company level. She has specialist skills in informing policies, procedures and the professional development of staff members. Jinny heads BI’s engagement portfolio and is key in identifying opportunities to combine the science of innovation and psychology to tackle large scale problems and enrich human lives.

Jinny is also a behavioural scientist and has experience in the analysis, design, delivery and evaluation of behaviour change programs for large scale and complex problems. She routinely informs the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies across various projects.





Finance Officer | CA, BBus

Michelle has over 20 years’ experience as a chartered accountant working in both domestic and international corporations in varying industries and assisting medium sized business with their financial and taxation issues.

As Finance Manager of Behaviour Innovation Pty Ltd, Michelle provides the CEO with advice and guidance in the company's overall strategy in financial management and compliance in taxation and corporate governance.




Senior Behavioural Scientist | BArts (Hons), BBusMan

Katri is a behavioural scientist who specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies. Her area of primary expertise is in the behavioural analysis and the creation of training programs aimed at enhacing behavioural skills sets in work settings. Her work focusses on identifying skills gaps and opportunities and synthesising data to develop training programs relevant to individuals and groups. Katri specialises in consultation and on ground engagement and heads the training and innovation portfolio at Behaviour Innovation.





Senior Behavioural Scientist | BSc (Hons), BA

Toneya is a behavioural scientist who specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies. Her area of primary expertise is in behavioural analysis and the creation of science communication materials that promote skills development and attitudinal change. Toneya is the Project Manager of the Cane Changer project, where she leads the engagement activities and implementation of workshops with cane growers and industry groups across the region.





Senior Behavioural Scientist | BPsySc (Hons)

Guy is a behavioural scientist who specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies. His area of primary expertise is in the behavioural analysis and the creation of materials used for various projects, including the development of a suite of videos and other resources informed by psychological reserach to create or facilitate change.





Senior Behavioural Scientist | Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Queensland

Erik is a behavioural scientist and specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies. His area of primary expertise is in the behavioural analysis and the systems thinking of large and complex problems. Erik has specialist skills in data analysis and evaluation and manages Behaviour Innovation's data portfolio.

Erik is PhD candidate pursuing his doctorate at The University of Queensland. Working with Dr. Matthew Sanders, Erik along with the researchers of Component 3 seek to create psychosocial community-based interventions to support households and families in their pursuit of brighter and more sustainable futures. Prior to The University of Queensland and CCRES Erik received his Bachelor’s degree at James Madison University in Psychology. His previous research has focused on positive psychology, biological stress, evaluating teaching styles, thinking processes, positive reinforcement, and the philosophy of morality.





Senior Behavioural Scientist | BPsySc (Hons)

Irene is a behavioural scientist and specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies.





Behavioural Scientist | BPsySc (Hons)

Samuel is a behavioural scientist who specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies. He has specialist skills in behavioural analyses and identifying the underlying psychological and behavioural targets for change. Samuel provides support with analysing and synthesising data and psychological literature to inform the evidence base of strategies designed, as well as preparing project work for publication.





Behavioural Scientist | BPsySc (Hons)

Sally is a behavioural scientist who specialises in the design and delivery of behaviour change strategies. She has specialist skills in behavioural analyses and identifying underlying psychological and behavioural targets for change. Sally provides support with analysing and synthesising data and psychological literature to inform the evidence base of strategies designed, as well as preparing project work for publication.