▶ Training Behavioural Skills

Aside from population-based behaviour change projects, we also specialise in the design and delivery of evidence-based behavioural skills training workshops to improve people’s understanding of their own psychology and communication skills with others.

Our training workshops are run alongside Project Cane Changer, and are targeted to extension officers – the people who provide the most information and guidance directly to growers. By enhancing the skillset of extension officers, growers are positively predisposed to adopt more sustainable on-farm practices.


Training: The Queensland Wet Tropics


Honoured to have worked with MSF Sugar and Sugar Research Australia.


Project Uplift

Project Uplift is run by MSF Sugar to increase sustainable cane farming by offering advice and economic assistance to growers to ensure they can make innovative changes on their farm.

MSF Sugar approached us to design a training program to improve the outcomes of Project Uplift by enhancing the skillset of extension officers. After conducting research and speaking with growers and project staff, we came up with a series of evidence-based workshops focused on understanding grower psychology, the science of positive communication, and behavioural strategies to enhance their on-the-ground skillset.


Cane to Creek

Cane to Creek is hosted by Sugar Research Australia (SRA). Like Project Uplift, Cane to Creek aims to increase growers’ adoption of sustainable farming practices which improve the water quality flowing to the Great Barrier Reef.

We have had the pleasure of running two workshops for Cane to Creek. For the first workshop we gave extension officers a better understanding of grower psychology and created a behavioural toolkit to use in the field. We focused our second workshop on extension officer leaders to streamline delivery services and continue to improve the skillsets of high-functioning extension teams.