Aside from population-based behaviour change projects, we also specialise in the design and delivery of training programs. Our training programs are based on the science of human behaviour (i.e., behavioural and psychological science) and delivered by behavioural scientists. Our behavioural skills training workshops are designed to improve people’s understanding of their own psychology and communication skills with others. This training provides attendees with a practical toolkit of social and behavioural skills and gives them the opportunity to apply these strategies in a simulated environment. The range of training programs we deliver span a wide range of topics and structures and can be tailored to meet your training needs.

Behaviour Innovation's training facilitators are experienced behavioural scientists who have worked with people from diverse backgrounds and have delivered training to both private and public sector organisations. We engage in pre- and post- workshop consultation with your organisation and each workshop attendee to inform the design and tailoring of the training. Training is always tailored and based on behavioural science to ensure that attendees get the most out of the day and to aid long-term transference of learnings back to the workplace.


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